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( permanent ) open rp post!

permanent open rp post.

      ❧ comment with one or more of your muses. it can be empty, contain a scenario, or a prompt for a scenario (image, lyric, quote, etc). for the best way to get something that isn't complete bullshit, please either leave a scenario yourself or an image (i work best with images, but can make do with lyrics).

      ❧ in the subject line, request one of the muses that you would like me to tag you with. no one is off limits. if you know i play someone who i haven't listed, feel fee to request them. however, i cannot guarantee you will get exactly who you choose (especially if they're inactive/a character i don't play a lot.) even if they have a post in this community, i don't mind doing anything with anyone.

      ❧ if you want a specific style, action or prose, please let me know. default is action spam.

      ❧ rp with me so we can psl and i can eat your soul. ♥ i would love to turn these into personal storylines.

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teen wolf powers ACTIVATE.

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my lizard powers are activating instead 8(

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[ the road stretches on for miles. jackson feels like his head is going to explode with all the quiet. he can hear distant sounds that he's sure allison can't; he can smell things he shouldn't be able to smell. he's shed the scales and the lizard claws in exchange of gaining fur and a monthly problem. and after all the trouble he went through to gain it, after graduation, he's hit the road and left beacon hills behind.

he's behind the wheel of the car, insisting that it's his turn. allison can only drive for so long before her yawns start taking up entire minutes of the road. he can take it. he's programmed himself to take more heat than he should. maybe it's the ego, the one that drives him to put more weights onto a gym machine that can easily crush his chest cavity, maybe it's the fact that he'd rather she sleep because he can't even when she's driving and insists he closes his eyes.

it's early morning and he's been behind the wheel for what feels like hours, but has only been a few minutes before one hour has passed. the music's a low hum, though sometimes it feels loud in his ears. he knows there's a chance she isn't asleep; she's just as on alert as he is, perhaps even more. she's born and bred to take in the details, while he's been born and bred to be an asshole. he glances towards her, eyes taking in her form because she's still here, despite how many times he's slipped into a sleep to wake up in the dream to an empty car.

Regret catching up to you yet, Argent?
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caroline.. 8)

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[ caroline's fingers slip around thor's wrist, lighting holding onto him to ensure that she doesn't sink in the sand. the last time she was at the beach, she was six; she hardly remembers it, despite all of her memories she had compelled away resurfacing. it's one of the moments captured in photographs, of her building sandcastles with her father while her mother captures the moment in time.

after letting it slip, without thinking, to thor a few days prior about how she's never really been to the beach, what with the fear of losing her daywalking ring and burning to a crisp before she's even out of the water, she finds herself having the wind knocked out of her by his grand gesture. just because she talks a lot doesn't mean people are listening - and thor, despite his broadness and how much space he takes up in a room, regardless of how loud and boisterous he is, listens.

feet slipping against the grains of the sand, her other hand holds her flats. glancing up at him, squinting against the sun, she can't help but grin.
] When you said you had a surprise up your sleeve, I really thought you were going to take me to another ball game or something.
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[ okay so. it's true that caroline does talk a lot. a lot. and half the time thor has no idea what the hell she's even talking about, he still listens. he can't not—she's captivating. and though they sometimes run the potential for running over each other, it's alright. because when and where it really matters and counts, thor listens to caroline where he's certain most would just ignore her.

he can't take his eyes off of her out here in the bright sun, the rays gleaming off of her hair and making it shine like gold. in that moment he thinks she's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. so, he can't help when his hand shifts to thread their fingers together instead. thor laughs at her words, leaning down to kiss her forehead softly. ]

The idea had crossed my mind, but... [ he shrugs one shoulder, turning to look at the waves and inhaling that salty air. it makes him feel alive. ] This seemed much better.
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Well, I'm glad you chose it. [ she smiles. dropping her flats, she wraps her hand around the wrist of the one she's holding. walking backwards in the sand, she uses him to anchor her. it's not a strange concept, to allow thor be the person she holds herself onto. keeping her humanity in check has been difficult over the past few years, but ever since she met thor, she's found that she has something to hold onto. he makes not losing control of her urges worth it. ]

As much as I appreciate looking at guys in really tight shorts, I'd rather spend the day not having to compete with them and a really noisy crowd to get just a second of your attention.
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sif. idc. gimmie smooches

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teenieweenie sif

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alisha or nikki--whomever you feel like

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you will get both; hope this is okay, some weird s2 au prior to the xmas ep.

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[ nikki's dead. it's not exactly something she particularly likes to think about, really. though, hanging around nathan defeats the entire purpose. he reminds her all the time, not with his words, exactly, but with the knowledge that he can see her because of his immortality spiel. it's something the voice in the back of her head always whispers when she enjoys herself a little too much, slipping back into the shoes she'll never wear again of her past life.

she doesn't follow him around when he does his community service any more; after seeing curtis, and the way everyone continued on their lives, she decided to sit back at her flat, haunting nathan in his little hideaways. after he graduates from community service, which is something she finds hilarious in itself, him graduating from this kind of punishment he, no doubt, will find himself back in in no time, she finds herself hanging around him more. lingering. she's not lonely for companionship, as there are a shit load of ghosts hanging around this shit hole, but because she longs for a friend. it's pathetic, really.

sitting in her flat, with nathan young of all people, drinking her blues away is cause enough to drink some more. and she does, downing the shot. how she's able to touch anything real beats her; she's not going to start questioning it. good things never last for too long when it comes to her.

When are you going to get a job? Start paying my rent? I don't allow squatters to stay in my flat.

[ why she hangs with nathan young is not because he's the only one who can see her, but it's because he doesn't remind her constantly with what she's missing out. he might throw in a dead dig here or there, but he speaks to her like she's there. living, breathing, corporeal. she never thought she'd appreciate nathan young's uncanny ability to make her feel real. ]
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she just cannot get enough of nathan's love. MASSIVE AU NO DUMB SHIT HAPPENS.

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[ community service is over! but it seems like the friendship between nathan and alisha is only beginning. not that it is a friendship. it's not like she invited nathan to come hang out with her at the flat while simon's off doing creepy simon things (since, you know, those supervillains don't exactly stop being pricks when they stop wearing orange). it's not like she felt sorry that he may be spending new years eve alone. wasn't there some shitty saying that how you spend your last day of the year is how you're going to spend the incoming year? the entire thought's too fucking depressing.

so she takes a drink. sitting on the floor of the flat, with a television playing in the background, and bottles of liquor they've stolen from the pub curtis works at between them, she and nathan sit in awkward silences. unless he breaks them. then she just introduces the awkward silence back with an arch of her brow.

fingers curling around the shape of the glass, alisha's lip curves upwards.

This is not how I pictured I'd be spending New Years' Eve.
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broos. fight me

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i hope you are ready for some serious tender wooing

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[ flowers were so 2011. it's cookies, now.

he is in a meeting when the biggest light bulb of his life flashes over his handsome and chiselled head. with his phone in his hands and not a piece of his concentration on the meeting happening before him, bruce sends a nice gift to adrian's address - wherever the fuck that is - with a purple ribbon wrapped around it, since that's adrian's colour scheme. because you don't have to call people up for this when you're bruce motherfucking wayne and you're that lazy.

sitting back in his chair, bruce is as smug as fuck. he hopes adrian gets the delivery sometime today. since, you know, bruce has plans at night. he's got to go party it up in the club known as gotham's creepiest alleyways.

adrian will receive a large box, filled to the brim of the most perfect and delicious, crumble-in-your-fingertips-and-all-over-your-expensive-clothes cookies. and a nice little card.

c is for ?

he is a big fan of sesame street.
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Cordy and Doyle "Basic shopping needs"

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